Just My Type - Digital Inspiration Blog Hop : How to fight Lex Luther using only fabric
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Just My Type - Digital Inspiration Blog Hop

by Joanne Hillestad on 11/04/20


Are you ready for some fun design inspiration featuring Just My Type by Tammy Silvers for Island Batik??

I had a blast recoloring a few Fat Quarter Gypsy and Swirly Girls designs.  This collection is in my favorite colors, so it was no hardship to play with the digital images.

Let's get started... first up is Streamline!

This is not a recolor.  I made this version of Streamline in Just My Type for the Island Batik catalog.  

Here are the fabrics from the collection:

Next quilt... still a FQ Gypsy pattern:  Modern Weave. 

Time for a Swirly Girls pattern: Equal Rights... Yummy!

 And lastly, another Swirly Girls pattern: Focus Pocus.

Such beautiful colors and designs.  It is hip and fun.  The variations of color make it a great collection for almost any quilt design... it has lights, medium and darks.  Love it!!

Check in tomorrow to see more inspiration!

Tomorrow you can visit:
Kris Poor from Poorhouse Quilt Designs
Bea Lee from Beaquilter
Jennifer Fulton from Inquiring Quilter

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